About Us

Who are we?

We’re a small team of spritely Novocastrians with a lifelong love of Newcastle.

Just two hours north of Sydney and a short drive from the gorgeous Hunter Valley wineries, Newcastle smack-bang in the middle of New South Wales’ greatest tourism hotspots. We’ve got beautiful beaches, uniquely inspired small businesses and a thriving creative community leaving murals all over town.

Not to mention there’s a pub on every corner with increasingly fancy menus and cocktails. We’re not opposed to eating off a chopping board and drinking from a lightbulb. It’s part of the Newy lifestyle.

Basically, we’re Newcastle fangirls (and boys) that like to talk about… well, Newcastle!

What do we do?

It’s our mission to tell the world about the wonders of Newcastle. It’s been hailed as a mini-Melbourne i.e. artistic, unique and populated by total food gurus – it’s worth raving about! From bustling Beaumont Street in Hamilton to the ever-growing Hunter Street in Newcastle West, there’s something fresh to do every day in Newcastle.

We’ve thrown together some helpful tips, housing statistics and local highlights of suburbs around Newcastle so visitors (or potential residents!) know what’s happening in town and, most importantly, where.

Discover the best shops, restaurants, cafes and local businesses in the unique suburbs of Newcastle.

Any other information

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