Located on the outskirts of the Newcastle region, Heatherbrae is a small suburb that is split up by the Pacific Highway. Only 25 minutes from Newcastle, the suburb is perfect for those that would prefer a quieter style of living. Raymond Terrace is only minutes away, and offers all the shops and amenities that you could need. The suburb is mainly popular with the older generations, however with the university being a short 15-minute drive away, the suburb has potential to grow into a suburb popular with students.

Now that you’ve got an idea for whereabouts you could be living, let me walk you through a potential day living in Heatherbrae.

What is there to do in Heatherbrae?

There’s a hidden secret in this suburb that few know about. It’s called the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens. They’re a botanical garden run by volunteers, and is a perfect way to spend a sunny day enjoying the natural Flora and Fauna of Australia. Fun fact: their succulent and cacti garden is the largest in Australia.

Another hidden gem in this suburb are the best cherry pies you’ll ever have from a takeaway shop. Heatherbrae Pies are delicious and made fresh daily, trust me, have a pie with a coffee and you’ll be in heaven.

If you’ve just moved in check out Bessant Custom Furniture, or maybe Homeworld Furniture. For the boat lovers (or admirers) there’s Terrace Boating and Leisure Centre. After all, with the Hunter River running right by Heatherbrae, boating could be a new hobby.

Now to the nitty gritty.

The average house price in Heatherbrae, 2324

2 Bedroom


Community Facilities Available

4 Bedrooms


The average unit price in Heatherbrae, 2304

There are currently no average unit prices available for Heatherbrae

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