Want to be near the city, near the Hunter Valley, and near the M3 to get to Sydney? Thornton is the place for you.

This is the kind of suburb that offers the classic Australian dream of a house with a garden (and dare we say enough lawn to require a lawn mower?!), as well as convenient access to the major towns in the area.

Thornton is a thirty-minute drive to Newcastle on the A43, a 15-minute drive to Maitland, and takes just under 2 hours to get to Sydney.

What a winner.

This is definitely the suburb to be if you don’t mind living out of the city, and want to enjoy a quiet, suburban lifestyle with just a hint of country living (read: can have open fires and there is a chance to see kangaroos).

What is there to do in Thornton?

Thornton Shopping Centre offers the every-day essentials including; Baker’s Delight, Browns Butchers (try the sausages, you won’t regret it), and Coles.

There are also the major banks and pharmacies and doctor’s clinics, meaning you won’t have to travel far for the major necessities. The next largest shopping centre is in Greenhills, just a ten-minute drive away. The closest hospital is just 15 minutes away.

All in all, Thornton is a growing suburb, with great community spirit and is most ideal for younger families, first home buyers and investors. Families with teenagers may struggle due to the inconsistent public transport, and lack of entertainment facilities.

That being said, with Maitland so close by, and a range of sporting clubs in the local area, teenagers can be kept busy. With new developments popping up in the area there will hopefully be more development to facilitate teenagers and young adults.

Unlike many inner city properties, most properties in Thornton have a reasonable sized back yard, allowing for plenty of outdoor living entertainment and gardening.

Pets are common in this area, and due to the large backyards they are perfect for a family with pets! Thornton even has an off-leash dog park so you can socialise with friends (furry or otherwise).

Maitland Park (also a fifteen-minute drive) has a state of the art playground that is accessible to adults and children that are in wheelchairs. This playground features accessible ramps and a swing designed for wheelchair users, meaning that every child can enjoy the playground.

Now to the nitty gritty.

Do not expect to see many units for rent or for sale in this area! Thornton’s properties value space and outdoor living, so compact units are few and far between.

The average house price in Thornton, 2322

2 Bedrooms


3 Bedrooms


4 Bedrooms

$450, 000 +

The average unit price in Thornton, 2322

There are currently no average unit prices available for Thornton

If you don’t mind a quieter, community based lifestyle, or are looking for a place to start a family, Thornton is definitely an ideal place to buy. If you’re looking for restaurants, culture and nightlife, this suburb is not so ideal.

Want to support local Thornton businesses?

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