Where is Wallsend?

Located just up the A15, Wallsend is a popular suburb for young home buyers and families alike. Just 20 minutes from the city, Wallsend is a suburb that suits anyone from a Uni student to a family complete with a furry friend. This is a relatively large suburb, and is home to many shops and attractions to make you feel right at home.

What is there to do in Wallsend?

You can start your day with a walk around Federal Park, followed by a coffee and something to nibble on at The Good Oil Espresso Bar. With home improvements on your mind, you head off to the local Bunnings. Stockland Wallsend is located in the centre of Wallsend, and offers a wide variety of grocery including Baker’s Delight, Coles and Aldi. Banks and fitness centres are also available in the centre, covering all your needs in the once easy location. After a hard day’s work, you can quench your thirst at the Fire Station Hotel and enjoy a classic pub meal (we hear the schnitzel is pretty good).
Christchurch Cathedral

The suburb has a variety of different housing styles, ranging from Tudor to the classic 1950’s style home. There’s plenty of character in the suburb, and offers housing to suit any type of lifestyle. Wallsend is an ideal suburb for those looking to invest in their first home, and you can get a three-bedroom house for around $415k. with 36% of the population in Wallsend being couples and families, this is a suburb that will allow couples and families to grow together and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

Why Wallsend?

Wallsend is a suburb that offers many businesses to keep a family or uni student happy, including takeaways, libraries, churches and Doctors clinics. The University of Newcastle is a meagre ten-minute drive away, and there are up to ten primary and secondary schools in and around the suburb.

This suburb is great to live in if you’re commuting to Sydney, or just love visiting, due to accessibility to the Pacific Motorway. You’ll get to Sydney in a quick hour and forty-five minutes (dependent on traffic!).

Now for the nitty gritty.

Wallsend is an ideal place to start your property portfolio due to the mid-range cost. Expect some of the properties on sale to require home improvements, but it is an investment that will pay off in the long term.

The average house price in Wallsend, 2287

2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


The average unit price in Wallsend, 2287

2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


Considering the growth of the city, and the rising house prices, these are good for the area and the accessibility to both the highway and the CBD.

Want to support local Wallsend Business?

Here are some of the best businesses in Wallsend. Be sure to check them out!

All in all, this is a suburb that has plenty of potential and offers great access to the wider areas of Newcastle.

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