Want to have the feeling of suburbia, without the drive? Think Warabrook.

The suburb is located roughly twenty minutes from Newcastle CBD, and is a twenty-minute walk (or ten-minute drive) to the University of Newcastle. This suburb would be a great place to invest in, due to the proximity to the Uni, as well as the John Hunter Hospital (which is only 15 minutes away by car). The suburb sits right next to the Pacific Highway, making this suburb an ideal place to live if you work in Maitland or the Hunter Valley, but wanted to live in Newcastle.

What is there to do in Warabrook?

Children can play soccer on the streets, spend their afternoon playing games with their friends, and enjoy the privacy of living in a small suburb. Parents have easy walks to the local shopping centre, which has a pharmacy and Woolworths, along with other small businesses.

Living in Warabrook

Warabrook is a suburb where the average age is 40-59, meaning one thing: families. This is a suburb that has plenty of families of varying ages, and would provide a community for parents and their children to be a part of. The Warabrook Wetlands Reserve is a fantastic park with playgrounds and picnic facilities, perfect for a Saturday picnic.

Warabrook is home to the Eucalyptus Circuit Reserve, which contains play equipment for the kids, and a cycle way. This would be the perfect place to learn how to ride a bike.

This is a place where you would need to own a car, as the public transport is irregular. The busses are irregular, however here is a train station that provides transport into the CBD and out of Newcastle. There are businesses tucked away in this suburb, including Compassion, a Christian not for profit organisation that aims to ‘release children from poverty’. Maxwell recruitment agency also operates out of Warabrook, and recruits primarily for the heavy industries, including mining, engineering and construction.

Now to the nitty gritty.

The demand for this suburb is lower than the national average, coming in at 593 visits per property, as opposed to the average of 671.

The average house price in Warabrook, 2304

2 Bedrooms


(No stand-alone houses, average price for a new townhouse.)

3 Bedrooms


4 Bedrooms

$600, 000

The average unit price in Warabrook, 2304

There are currently no average unit prices available for Warabrook

An ideal buyer for this suburb would be a family with children over the age of ten (due to the lack of childcare facilities in the suburb), a couple looking for a bigger house to perhaps expand their family, or someone looking to invest in a property to rent to university students. Because of the location of this suburb, there are plenty of choices in schools from surrounding suburbs, including Mayfield, Waratah and Callaghan.

Want to support local Warabrook businesses?

Here are some of the best businesses in Warabrook. Be sure to check them out!


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